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Trends in Housing Preferences for Baby Boomers

By the end of the year 2019, all the baby boomers will be 55 years old or older. This is an enormous demographic that is dramatically changing the landscape of housing aimed at the 55+ population group. The Villages Florida is an example of this sea change. A group of actual villages functions as a 55+ community, taking up enough space that the area has land in three different counties.

Age Restrictions

The villages in florida only has two age restrictions. The first is that at least one person in the home must be more than 54 years old. The other is that nobody younger than 20 can live here as a permanent place of residence. This provides flexibility for various living arrangements. For instance, a 55-year-old woman might move to a house here with her 25-year-old daughter. A 60-year-old man or woman might move here with a 50-year-old spouse.


New Houses

Research and statistical data indicate the trends in housing for this age group. It’s increasingly common for these men and women, when they move from the family home, to relocate to another house and not to an apartment. Many have a new custom house built by a contractor or choose a new home that has already been constructed. People interested in buying real estate here can get the scoop at the community’s social media site, talk of the villages.

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Continuing to Work

People are generally living longer than ever before. When men and women reach their 60s, they aren’t necessarily thinking about retirement. They might be planning to leave their current full-time job, but they may have other plans for productivity. Some want to start a business. Others want a change in career. Some plan to work part-time from here on out but have no desire to quit working altogether.


Home Offices and Home Theaters

A home office has become a common theme in these new homes. Many baby boomers want a home theater or media room too. They don’t necessarily want a smaller house, although they tend to prefer one-story residences and a place with minimal yard work. Of course, some enjoy gardening, and they’ll want enough space for flowers and vegetables.


Not Downsizing

Thus, the trend is not for downsizing, although these men and women may get rid of a lot of old possessions when they move. They like to add new furniture and decor to their new houses, although they’ll bring along their favorite pieces. Before buying a house in The Villages, they can spend some time conversing with residents at


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